A Yorkshire woman has told of her devastation. After her beloved pet chihuahua was mauled to death by two loose dogs in a “horrific” attack.

Tracey Logan, 51, was taking three-year-old Belle for a walk early on Wednesday morning (October 12) around Seacroft, in Leeds, when she heard the two dogs behind a fence on Ramshead Drive. As she turned onto Eastdean Bank, two dogs came bounding towards her and attacked Belle.

Mrs. Logan said the two dogs “looked like Bedlington Terriers,” adding: “They were in a garden a few doors down from me, so I assumed the person that lived there had new dogs. Now it seems they had gone in that garden to wait for something to go after.”

Mrs. Logan said she tried to pick Belle up, but they snatched her from her arms.

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She said:

“I tried to get them off her, but they would not. They dragged her out of my arms.

“They were biting her and shaking her like she was some chew toy.”

Said she took Belle to the vet straight away despite knowing that. She had died and discovered she had suffered a punctured lung in the attack.

Said: “It was a vicious, horrible, devastating attack. I don’t want anybody to go through that, and I dread to think what would’ve happened if it was a child walking a dog.”

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Two dogs in the Seacroft area killed three-year-old Belle

She said:

The two dogs then ran around the corner. And, she later found out, also attacked another dog and its owner.

Mrs. Logan said: “The first day, I was in shock. Yesterday was about trying to get some justice for her, and today, I’m just in bits.”

She said that she and the rest of her household including her husband Craig and their youngest son Toby. And others who knew Belle had been devastated by the news.

Mrs. Logan said: “She was adorable. It isn’t enjoyable without her. Everybody that met her loved her. For instance, I started taking her to a new dog groomer recently. And even though we only went twice, they messaged me because they remembered her. She had such a large personality for such a small dog.”

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Tracey Logan said her household feels empty since her beloved pet was killed.

Mrs. Logan

Added Belle “loved to snuggle” and play with the family. Adding: “Our home is so quiet and empty without her because she was involved in everything we did. If we were watching TV, she would be sat next to us, or if we were cooking, she would be in the kitchen by our feet, seeing what she could get. She was my first thought in the morning and the last at night, she would have been with us for another 10 or 13 years. She didn’t deserve this.”

Mrs. Logan said despite having lived in Seacroft her whole life and never intended to leave, the incident had made her feel “I wished I’d never lived here.”

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