Chihuahuas are a breed with a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions associated with them. If you are lucky enough to own one, you know just how amazing they are. Those that spend time with them learn they are much more than just a “purse dog.”

If you are thinking of adding one to your family or you are a new owner, there are some things that you should know to make sure you give yours the best care possible. The following are three things all Chihuahua owners should know.

#1 – They Are Active

Hollywood and certain celebrities have turned Chihuahuas into an accessory, giving the illusion that they are content to be carried around all the time. But Chihuahuas are active dogs with energy and need to be allowed to be… well, dogs! Many love to play with toys. A game of fetch, tug, or hide ‘n’ seek are favorites of many Chihuahuas. They are also great at agility!

#2 – They Have Fragile Legs

Like many small dogs, owners should be aware that Chihuahuas have fragile legs that are prone to luxating patellas and can break from something as simple as jumping off the couch or leaping from your arms. Owners should take extra care when holding them and provide their Chihuahuas with stairs or ramps to get up on beds and couches.

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#3 – Potty Training Is A Challenge

Chihuahuas can be hard to potty train. Many do not like to go outside when the weather isn’t “just right.” But a large part of the problem is people forget that their tiny dog has a teeny tiny digestive system – they just can’t hold it as long as big dogs. If you can’t take your Chihuahua out as often as she needs, you may want to train her in a litter box. That way, you will both be happy. Remember, asking her to hold it too long can cause health issues that lead to more vet bills, so it’s worth it to litter box train if needed.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Love my Max, he is a long hair chihuahua, his barking is worse than fingernails on a blackboard.. Help does anything help stop barking? Would love some ideas, I have tried, clicker, bottle with penny’s in it, and a bark collar, none have helped.. Other than the back he is my baby,


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