A woman who created a custom miniature room for her dogs has delighted the internet after pictures of the incredible creation went viral online.

On Sunday, Kiki, who uses the Reddit handle kikisongbird88, posted six pictures of her creation on the popular subreddit r/rarepuppers, where it now has more than 17,000 upvotes.

Kiki lives in the South West of England with her two dogs, a 2-year-old short-haired Chihuahua, Ruby, and a 12-year-old Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier cross, Bella. Her dogs even have their Instagram accounts at @mozzarellabella and @rubyredsaid_ and a shared history under the handle​​ @theroyalchicas.

image 8 1
Dogs Bella and Ruby are enjoying their new custom under-the-stairs room. The custom bedroom for the dogs has delighted internet users.

Very pleased with the room under the stairs

Delighted by the custom-made room under the stairs, Redditors flooded the comments to praise Kiki’s creation, including a miniature bed, poster, framed picture, and even a clothing rack.

“Hahaha, this is perfect. I wanna live there,” wrote one commenter. While another said: “This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!”

Kiki told Newsweek: “I always dreamed of creating a little space for them, and when I moved house a year ago, I was delighted to find I had underneath stair storage space. So I started putting together ideas, and bit by bit, they came together.

“I learned that painting under-stair cupboards are extremely challenging, and my back and neck did not thank me worth it, though.”

In the room, Kiki also included a sombrero.

In the room, Kiki even included a miniature sombrero and cactus nodding to the Chihuahua’s Mexican heritage. One commenter said: “Love the thoughtful touch of Mexican theme, to make them feel at home.”

While these lucky dogs have their own space, in a 2018 survey published in Anthrozoös, 55 percent of participants reported sharing their beds with at least one dog. The study found a positive relationship between pet ownership status or bed-sharing conditions and sleep quality.

A 2020 survey by furniture brand Joybird reported just how spoilt pets are in each U.S. State, with Maryland topping the list with the most spoiled pets and Montana, New Mexico, and Hawaii sitting at the bottom of the list with a lower level of pet-spoiling. The study also reported that our spoilt companions are costing us big bucks, with over 15 percent reporting that they spend more than $1,500 on their pet each year.

“They are pleased with their little room,” said Kiki. “But will still take my lap over it if they have the choice.”

“I can’t deal with the cuteness,” wrote one commenter on the viral post. Another reply said: “This room would rent for $2,000 a month here in the Bay Area, not even kidding!”

“I’m so envious. Your pupper has a better room than me,” wrote another Redditor.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect such an overwhelming reaction to my dog’s bedroom,” said Kiki. “I’m just glad it brought a smile to some faces.”

image 8 2
Pictures of the viral “dog bedroom” created for 2-year-old Ruby and 12-year-old Bella. The internet has been left in stitches at the precious space.

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