A dog owner was so devastated when her beloved chihuahua died that she got the family pooch stuffed. So she is now quite literally ‘part of the furniture.

Kimmy Walker-Harris, 40, from Alford, Lincolnshire said she’d always joked about getting the ‘best dog she’s ever had. Preserved and, despite ‘skepticism’ from her family. I went ahead with it when Fifi died aged 13 in February.

The self-professed ‘crazy person’ described her pet as a ‘small dog with the biggest personality. And couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her ‘precious’ pup every day. So she forked out £400 on the taxidermy piece.

The mother-of-two said she had to freeze Fifi immediately after she died before sending her to the taxidermist and, when she returned home eight weeks later, believes she did a ‘great job.

The ‘new Fifi’ now takes pride of place on a chair in the bedroom Kimmy shares with husband Stuart Walker-Harris, 44. And she still greets her ‘special’ pet every morning.

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Kimmy Walker-Harris, 40, and husband Stuart, 44, from Alford, Lincolnshire, with Fifi, who has been turned into taxidermy after dying aged 13 
image 18 3
Fifi in happier times! According to her owner, the beloved family pet was a ‘small dog with the most prominent personality. 
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Kimmy said that Fifi is now quite ‘literally part of the furniture and that she will say ‘good morning to her stuffed pet when she sees her sitting on her rug on the chair in her bedroom. 

Kimmy said: ‘My parents thought it was a bit weird. But they get their dogs cremated and have pots of ashes all over their house.

‘It’s what different people do; some people bury them, some have their ashes – I’ve just got Fifi in her shell.

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