The dying Chihuahua can’t walk, but this loving Pit Bull turned the senior dog’s hospice into his forever home! Let’s make it known that Pit Bulls are just as loving as any other breed!

pit bull carries chihuahua featured
pitbull carries chihuahua featured

Frank, The Hell Bull, was found dumped in a garbage dump, in a state of hopeless abuse. His rescuers fostered him with Kristina Helfer, who later adopted him.

Frank’s health improved eventually, but Kristina was worried to discover Frank’s crippling anxiety that never appeared to leave him.

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One day, Kristina met a tragic 16-year-old Chihuahua named Tito. Tito surrendered at the shelter because his owner was sick and unable to worry for him anymore. With a collapsed trachea, breathing problems, and several other health issues, Tito didn’t have much life left in him. The shelter only hoped that Kristina’s home would be an honest hospice for him. When Kristina brought Tito home, Frank immediately sensed that the small dog was unwell. Frank took care of Tito overnight and injected the spirit of life into this dying dog! Tito not only got healthier but also started looking forward to life. Frank was also defeated, so Christina was conscientious to buy him a small bag, and he could ride happily with Tito every day!

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Kristina noticed that Tito’s confident demeanor rubbed off on Frank, and then the Pit Bull started losing his anxiety too! No wonder she calls them the soul mates of dogs! It’s amazing how their love for every other transformed their lives. We wish them many happy years together. Let’s make it known that Pit Bulls are even as loving as the different breeds! Click the video below to see Frank and Tito’s nurturing love toward each other!

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If a dog can’t walk is typically due to either a problem with the dog’s joints or issues with his spinal cord.

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