Two Chihuahua was found curled inside a brown paper bag in LondonTrainee RSPCA inspector Shahnaz Ahmas said: It was ‘extraordinary and upsetting’Dog was dumped on the pavement beside a road in the capital early last month. 

The body of a Chihuahua found stuffed inside a bread bag in London has sparked an RSPCA investigation. 

The two-year-old dog was found curled up inside a brown paper bag with a clear plastic window in north-east London on September 7.

Trainee RSPCA inspector Shahnaz Ahmad said it was an ‘extraordinary and upsetting discovery’ and the dog’s death was ‘extremely suspicious.’

Ms. Shahnaz said: ‘The poor dog was curled inside the bag and dumped on the pavement beside the road. 

‘The tiny, tan-colored Chihuahua is smooth-coated, and we believe she’s around two years old. She was wearing a pink collar but had no ID tag.

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The two-year-old dog (pictured) was found curled up inside a brown paper bag with a clear plastic window on Pearson Street in north-east London on September 7

‘Rigor mortis had set in, but her body had not begun to decompose. So I believe she’d been dumped there either earlier that morning or the night before.’ 

Photographs show the small dog inside a bag used by supermarkets for freshly baked bread. 

Ms. Shahnaz took the body to the charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital. And vets found the dog was microchipped. 

A former owner told investigators they were forced to give up the dog while she was still a puppy.  

Ms. Shahnaz added:

I traced the chip to a previous owner. But she had been forced to rehome the Chihuahua when she was a puppy. And unfortunately, I was unable to track down who to.

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‘I’m making inquiries in the local area and will also be checking CCTV. But I’d also be keen to hear from locals. Who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area overnight on the 6 September and into the morning of the 7 September?

‘I want to find her owners and establish exactly what happened to her. So I’d ask anyone who recognizes her to contact the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018.’ 

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