Meeting a Chihuahua is always exciting, but our boy here surely had the best experience of all. Continue reading for this adorable story.

Little Marcelo Brookhouser was adopted back in 2018, and when he arrived home and met the family dog, he screamed. Marcelo was really scared of dogs, even the cute senior pup named Mini who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But eventually, Mini won his heart through wet kisses and constantly following the boy around. And today, they’re best friends.

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Bright Side has asked Marcelo’s loving mother, who also works with rescues and foster animals, a few questions, and she told us a little bit more about this beautiful story of love and friendship.

Meeting a Chihuahua for the First Time

The cute chihuahua, Mini, was adopted back in 2010. She became a very dear friend to the 5-year-old, Macy, who was the family’s first daughter. “Mini has always loved ’her kids,’” the family’s mother told us. And when Marcelo came along some years later, he was no exception.

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Marcelo’s mother was glad to see that Mini’s love for small kids was still there, even 10 years later, and that old age didn’t stop the senior pup from making the new member of the family feel loved and welcomed in his new home.

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It’s not always a simple task getting used to a new place, but with a loving family like the Brookhousers and a loyal buddy like Mini, Marcelo’s transition became way easier. Marcelo’s mom told us he was fearful at the beginning when he first set foot in the house. “It took about 2 weeks for him to be receptive to holding her.”

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The Best Meeting a Chihuahua Story Ever

But the mother believes the tiny chihuahua knew exactly what Marcelo needed to acclimate to the new home.

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Mini is approximately 14 years old, an advanced age for dogs, but she still has a lot of energy and piles of love to give. The duo’s Instagram account is full of pictures and videos showing how inseparable they are. Whether Marcelo is taking a dip in the pool, running on the beach, watching movies, or driving around in his electric toy car, Mini is always right beside him. And their bond is always visible through Marcelo’s contagious smile.

© marceloandmini / Instagram
© marceloandmini / Instagram

There’s always room for one more!

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Marcelo’s mom has a project called “Paws of Oz” that has had her working with rescues and foster kittens, cats and dogs for almost 10 years. She also does dog-sitting. Being in close contact with these animals made her fall in love with shelter pets and now she claims her mission is to “shine a light on them and show the world that shelter pets are awesome and worthy of a second or sometimes first chance at love.”

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For people that want to help these pets, she suggests “supporting local shelters and rescue groups either with monetary donations or fostering, and always making adoption your first option when looking for a new pet.”

Some loving advice

© marceloandmini / Instagram
© marceloandmini / Instagram

Marcelo’s mom also shared one last piece of advice: “Don’t overlook the seniors, some of the most precious love and devotion you’ll find comes from them.” And especially now, after getting to know Marcelo and Mini’s story, we couldn’t agree more.

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