Undoubtedly, dogs give us some of the most unconditional love we can get, and we’re very grateful. There are very few moments compared to your pup jumping around happily when you come home from work. Others find comfort in cuddling with them after a long day, and we get it. But what if we told you that your sweet pup could pave the way for your romantic relationships too? Yes, to all our single readers, buckle up to learn about how your dogs will increase your chances of getting a partner.

Honest Paws, a company dedicated to our four-legged buddies, has surveyed more than 600 responders from the United States. Using different dating sites, Honest Paws looked out to see how showing off your dogs affects people’s choices to respond to a message, swipe right, or ignore the conversation altogether. The brand went out to see whether our four-legged friends increase the chances of finding a match at love, and the results were pretty interesting. But what exactly did the study find?

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How Exactly Do Dogs Help With Your Dates?

Out of the 600 interviewees, 70% said that having a dog on their profile picture greatly affects them getting matches. 60% of these repliers also said that they’re much more likely to respond to people with dogs in their profile picture, showing why dog lovers usually find each other in these sites. Interestingly, about 50% said that they “use” their pets to hook up with people or initiate a conversation with someone they’re interested in. Some of these also reported that they were willing to pose with their friend’s dogs to get a date as well. Sneaky as that may be, it’s rather cute thinking of dogs as wingmen; and much more attractive than drunken people at bars!

The singles in these dating sites also noted that among the most “reliable” dog breeds for matching with someone are German Shepherds, Retrievers, Pit Bulls, Labs, and Huskies. Chihuahuas followed quite closely behind, but they were more prominent in older age groups. The people involved in this study reported that the most trustful dating sites for meeting fellow dog lovers are Tinder, Bumble, and Match. Overall, people seem to be quite fond of dog lovers, even more so when compared to cat lovers.

Dogs and dating

Romantific also gave its input in this matter, adding that men [in particular] are seen as more responsible and caring when showing off pets. Seeing a potential partner caring for something other than themselves is always a telling sign for both men and women. 52% of the respondents also noted that they were much more likely to go on a date with someone if the said dogs were to be involved, which is quite a nice conversation starter. Be careful, though, as more than 64% of the people interviewed said they would cut ties with someone who lied about having a dog!

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