Who says size matters? When it comes to Chihuahuas, that doesn’t apply! What these slight doggos lack in size, they more than makeup for it with their boundless energy and feistiness.  

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While angry face memes of these puppers are popular online, the truth is that these furry pals want to have fun like every other good doggo. Sure, it takes a while for them to warm up with strangers, but they can be the most fun-loving pals you can ever find once they get to know you.  

Here are five fun facts to know about Chihuahuas. 

Smarter than they look  

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image 14

You might think Border Collies and German Shepherds are some of the most intelligent breeds, but the American Kennel Club guarantees that Chihuahuas are no slouch in this department either. Train them well, and they can compete in dog sports if they’re up for it. 

They’re a national symbol  

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image 14 1

These small poppers are, in fact, one of Mexico’s national symbols. They’re named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the breed originally came from. The AKC states they’re most likely cross-bred from the ancient Techichi, Central and South America, and the hairless Asian dogs. Today, these cute puppies are now found all over the globe!   

Your dress-up upper 

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Are you a fashionista? Then if so, Chihuahuas are great for dressing up. They’re bred for warmer temperatures, so they aren’t good against the cold. The good news is that you can give them the most fashionable items to keep warm! If you see them shivering or hesitant to go outside, it’s time to bust out those doggo sweaters, caps, and mitts!

The most miniature Guinness World Record holder 

Milly the Chihuahua earned the Guinness World Record for the smallest dog, clocking in at 9.65cm, less than 4 inches tall. She was also rumored to be small enough to fit into a teaspoon when born. Milly was born in 2011 and lived happily with her human pals until 2020. 

They’re famous celebs! 

Does anyone remember the Yo Quiero Taco Bell TV ad from 1997? That was the one with the talking Chihuahua voiced by actor Carlos Alazraqui. That Chihuahua was named Gidget and is reportedly credited with starting a resurgence in the breed’s popularity.  

This celeb pupper also starred in a GEICO ad and 2003’s Legally Blonde.  

These are some of the most astonishing facts about our tiny puppet pals. They may be small, but they’ve got lots of love to give once they warm up to their hooman. Reward their kindness with Awesome Pawsome treats, with six tasty flavors inspired by recipes humans love! Get it at a store near you

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