Dog owners have taken to social media to showcase the destruction caused by their furry friends to Kmart’s supposedly ‘chew-resistant’ pet beds. Despite the retailer’s claims of durability, many mischievous dogs have effortlessly torn apart these beds, leaving their owners astonished. Let’s delve into the amusing and frustrating experiences shared by dog owners and explore some tips from experts to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Kmart’s $42 pet bed is apparently made of ‘chew resistant material’ however many naughty dogs have defied the claim and left theirs in tatters 

The Deceptive Chew-Resistant Claims

Kmart’s $42 pet beds fail to withstand determined dogs

  • Despite being marketed as ‘chew-resistant,’ the beds prove no match for determined canines.
  • Dogs effortlessly tear apart the beds, contradicting the claims made by the retailer.
  • Online reviews offer mixed opinions on the bed’s durability, with some praising it and others highlighting its vulnerability.

Hilarious Canine Antics

Dog owners share their pets’ bed destruction on social media

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  • Amused dog owners share photos of their mischievous dogs and the aftermath of their bed-destruction escapades.
  • Dogs playfully lounge on the remnants of the chewed beds, leaving their owners in stitches.
  • Many owners admit returning the beds for a refund after a single night of destruction, while others share humorous anecdotes.
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Dozens of dog owners shared the mess their pets had made after chewing up their beds that claimed to be resistant from Kmart and other retailers

The Importance of Managing Destructive Behavior

Expert advice on preventing bed destruction and chewing habits

  • Animal behaviorists emphasize the need for owners to be mindful of products claiming to be ‘chew-resistant.’
  • Dog owners share tips on preventing dogs from destroying their beds and other household items due to boredom or anxiety.
  • Experts highlight the significance of mental and physical enrichment, regular exercise, and providing appropriate chew toys to deter destructive behavior.

A Word of Caution

Understanding the limitations of ‘chew-resistant’ claims

  • Owners should recognize that ‘chew-resistant’ does not guarantee complete immunity from chewing.
  • The term ‘resistant’ implies a higher level of durability, but dogs may still attempt to chew through the material.
  • Responsible pet owners share their positive experiences with the bed, attributing success to factors such as supervision and choosing suitable chew toys.

Finding Alternatives

Exploring alternative bed options for avid chewers

  • Mesh beds on steel frames are recommended as less enticing alternatives for dogs prone to destructive chewing.
  • These beds are readily available at most pet stores and offer greater durability.
  • Consulting a veterinarian or animal behaviorist can provide tailored solutions for dogs with anxiety-related chewing habits.


The amusing stories and photos shared by dog owners highlight the discrepancy between Kmart’s ‘chew-resistant’ claims and the reality of canine antics. While some dogs effortlessly demolish these beds, others remain uninterested or unable to penetrate the tough material. By understanding the limitations of such claims and implementing expert advice, owners can better manage destructive behavior and provide their furry friends with appropriate outlets for chewing and mental stimulation.

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