Cops busted a 59-year-old man they said body-slammed his daughter’s tiny Chihuahua onto the ground in its dog carrier, leaving the helpless animal with internal injuries, officials said Thursday.

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Chihuahua to the ground

Officials said Hassan March, 59, surrendered to police on Tuesday for the Oct. 19 Upper East Side clash with his 24-year-old daughter on Lexington Ave. near E. 77th St.

As the two argued at about 2:15 p.m., officials said that Mahrach grabbed his daughter by the hair and dragged her down the block.

Officials said that he then grabbed the dog carrier containing the Chihuahua and slammed it on the concrete.

The dog suffered several internal injuries. As a result, cops said. The animal is recovering.

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March then ran off with the dog but returned the animal a short time later.

Cops had been looking for him ever since his daughter reported the attack.

Investigators charged Mahrach with robbery, petit larceny, and torturing and overdriving an animal, a misdemeanor, cops said.

According to court records, he is out after posting $5,000 bail.

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