How can these sweet, tiny little dogs be the second most frequently euthanized dog breed?

First of all, what are a number of the items you’ve heard about Chihuahuas? “Mean little yippie dogs”, “little ankle biters”, “Mexican pit bulls”, and other things I can’t and won’t repeat.

Ask people you recognize if Chihuahuas are nice little dogs and determine what people think.

Undesirable Behaviors

Chihuahuas are VERY loyal and protective. But thanks to those self-same wonderful qualities, they will be channeled into not so desirous behaviors by how they’re raised and the way they’re treated.

Many Chihuahuas are surrendered because owners just don’t realize that they’ll be unknowingly causing a number of the negative behaviors in their dog, or the way to change those behaviors once they need to be started. As a result, many Chi owners just surrender them out of frustration, thus making them one among the second most frequently euthanized dog breeds within the US.

Consequently, it’s my mission to inspire those parents that have Chihuahuas and to teach people who need help in order that surrendering or re-homing their dog won’t even be a consideration! And to inspire others to think about a Chihuahua if they’re getting to adopt a dog.

Some Alarming Statistics

They’re tiny, they’re cute and they’re besieging animal shelters around the country, especially in California.

In l. a. , only pit bulls outnumber Chihuahuas within the city’s shelters. At the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo , 60% of the dogs awaiting adoption are pure or mixed-breed Chihuahuas. At the San Francisco Animal Care and Control shelter, Chihuahuas are 30% of the canine population and rising. At the East Bay SPCA, it’s 50%. Their fate isn’t far better elsewhere round the country, round the world, really.

Other Factors

These same pint-sized pups with outsize personalities became more and more popular after Reese Witherspoon’s character within the 2001 movie “Legally Blonde” carried her Chihuahua, Bruiser around like an adjunct as she walked the halls of Harvard, pursuing her man (if you haven’t seen the movie — “spoiler alert” — she, gets her man, just not the one she thought).

Who remembers Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, who was a daily altogether five seasons of “The Simple Life”, and in 2004 published her “memoir” called “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries.” then came one among my favorites, the 2008 comedy “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” about little Chloe, who gets dognapped in Mexico and has got to shake an evil Doberman.

Some people watch these movies and fall crazy with the small “movie star” and as a result, run out and obtain one expecting theirs to be a bit like Bruiser or Chloe. They either don’t skills , or they spend little or no time training and socializing this tiny dog then they get disillusioned and therefore the poor little pups, through no fault of their own find yourself during a shelter together of the second most frequently euthanized dog breeds! I find that unacceptable! I’m sure you are doing too.

What are you able to and that i do?

All it takes maybe a little understanding, time, and know-how spent training and socializing and therefore the Chihuahua is that the most amazing, wonderful pet, ally, constant companion, and awesome Canis Minor.

  1. This writer needs to get all the facts before writing an article like this. Most of what he/she says is accurate. Some is not. Shelters in certain areas of the country certainly are overflowing with Chihuahuas but the vast majority if not all of them, are in the eastern and western US. In the midsection there are many people who want a Chi but it takes a miracle of God to find one in a shelter. I got lucky. I found my little guy there as a year old pup. That was nine years ago. I’ve read a thousand times on facebook groups people saying there are no Chihuahuas in their shelters, ever. Like our local shelter, it’s mostly large mixed breeds. It’s sad that shelters around the country don’t work together to get the Chis into area where they would be quickly adopted into a loving home.

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