We realize that dogs are man’s closest companion, yet shouldn’t something be said about being our lifelines too? This veteran certainly would.

The securities a large number of us have with our textured, four-legged sidekicks are rugged, however, would they say they are sufficiently able to spare our lives? One veteran in North Carolina doesn’t simply think so – he knows so.

Rudy Armstrong is an eighty-six-year-old Navy veteran who lives alone with his Chihuahua, Bubu. The two best pals spend their days living out their dream on a houseboat that Armstrong built.

Bubu Took Quick Actions When Seconds Mattered The Most

All seemed to be going well for Armstrong and Bubu until things took a turn one recent morning.

I sat down in my chair, drank my coffee, and the next thing I know it was after lunch,” Armstong told WCTI. “I couldn’t even get my hand to move and my foot wouldn’t move.

Rudy didn’t know it yet, but he suffered a stroke. When it comes to strokes, seconds matter. The veteran wasn’t able to reach his phone to call 911, and fearing the worst, he enlisted his best friend for help.

veteran, Veteran Spared By Chi After Having a Stroke

I didn’t want to be there for a couple of days before somebody would come by, so I said, ‘OK Bubu, go get me some help,’

Armstrong said.

Bubu sprang into action as she ran down the dock to find someone who could help. She found a dockmaster by the name of Kim. Bubu managed to convince Kim to follow her back to the boat where Armstrong was. From there, Kim called for help and paramedics quickly arrived on the scene.

The Veteran Had A Special Visitor in The Hospital

Bubu and Armstrong were reunited a few days later in the garden of CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital. The reunion was nearly as magical as Bubu’s life-saving actions. The two showered each other with kisses that are melting hearts around the world!

veteran, Veteran Spared By Chi After Having a Stroke

The hospital shared a post of the doggone adorable moment.

Rudy, who has sailed all over the world and has stories for days, was very [appreciative] of the care he has received here, but is not a fan of our turkey sausage,” CarolinaEast said on their Facebook page. “We thank him for his service to our country and for allowing us the privilege of caring for him and sharing his story of Bubu, the miracle pup!

veteran, Veteran Spared By Chi After Having a Stroke

With three hours of therapy every day, Armstrong is making a slow recovery.

He is recovering slowly but surely and looks forward to getting back to his three-bedroom floating house with his best girl, Bubu,” a hospital spokesperson told Fox News. “He says he feels much better after getting to love on her in our Rehab Garden last week.

Sometimes the best medicine in the world is a loving pup!

h/t: FoxNews.com
Featured Photo: @CarolinaEastHealth/Facebook

Source: iheartdogs

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