The Chihuahua, the world’s smallest dog breed, is entirely unaware of its small size. A small dog with a big ego. It is self-conscious, curious, and does not go out of its way too much. It has plenty of space in even the most diminutive dwelling and is a loving and entertaining companion dog, even for older people. A chihuahua is very slender and, therefore, less suitable in a family with small children. But here we have some things that all chihuahua owners must never forget.

#1 Don’t be upset when I jump for joy when you come ….

chihuahua 1 758x505 1
Chihuahua Owners Must Never Forget

…through the door. 

I only live for ten or fifteen years. You are what makes that time enjoyable. It’s hard on me when you go away.

#2 Give me time to understand what you want from me.

Chihuahua Owners Must Never Forget

I don’t always get it right on the first try, but I promise I will try as hard as possible.

#3 Give me your trust.

chihuahua 3 1

Just like I trust you, I need you to trust me, too.

#4 Talk to me.

chihuahua 6

Sure, we don’t speak the same language, but the sound of your voice brightens my whole day.

#5 Remember that I’ll never forget how you treat me.

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Teach me that humans are made of love, not pain. And don’t ever let me forget it.

#6 Don’t be angry with me for too long.

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And please don’t lock me up to punish me. You have your friends and family to keep you happy and entertained. I just have you.

#7 Comfort me when I’m scared.

chihuahua 7

You know much more about loud noises, strange people, and new places than I do. I need to know that you’ll protect me from them. I always feel safer when I’m with you.

#8 Come outside with me.

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The sights, sounds, and scents of nature are some of my greatest pleasures in life. I don’t care if we play, go for a walk, or just sit under a tree together — I want you to experience them with me.

#9 Let me make new friends.

chihuahua 10

Introduce me to other dogs, cats, or even bigger animals. We might now get along in the end, but having some more friends that look and smell like me makes my life that much brighter.

#10 Give me a treat ever once in a while.

chihuahua 11

Food is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I know you want me to be healthy, so I understand when you don’t share your own meals with me. But giving me a dog biscuit when I’ve been good or mixing tasty vegetables mixed in with my dinner is guaranteed to make me wag my tail extra hard.

#11 Understand when I need my alone time.

chihuahua 12

I love you more than anything, but even though it’s rare, I don’t always want to play or cuddle. Don’t be sad if I’d rather sleep on the cold tile floor instead of in your bed on hot summer nights, and be understanding if I don’t want to play as much as the years go on.

#12 Show me your world.

chihuahua 13 758x520 1

The house and yard might be the only places I ever see unless you let me come with you. A trip to the pet store, the park, or even just a ride in the car is exhilarating for me. I can’t wait to see what you want to show me.

#13 Teach me new things.

chihuahua 14 728x410 1

Learning new tricks keeps my mind active, but most of all, it gives me a way to impress you. I love showing off for your friends, looking up at you, and seeing how proud of me you are.

#14 Pay attention if I don’t seem like myself.

chihuahua 15

It might seem like I’m just being lazy or stubborn, but I might not be feeling well. I can’t get help for myself, and I need you to look out for me.

#15 Love me when I’m old just as much as you did when I was young.

I might not be the cute puppy that I once was, but I still love you just as much now as I did then. Please take care of me when my body doesn’t work like it used to.

chihuahua 16
chihuahua 16

I might not be the cute puppy that I once was, but I still love you just as much now as I did then. Please take care of me when my body doesn’t work like it used to.

#16 Take me inside when the weather gets bad.

chihuahua 5 1

The backyard doesn’t have air conditioning or a heater. You don’t have to let me on the couch, but a small part of the kitchen is much better than sleeping in the snow.

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